neighborhoods May 17, 2021

Portland is Growing Food

Portland is unique in many ways.  We have so much nature—the views of Mt. Hood and the Willamette River are spectacular in many parts of the city.   Much of our year is consumed with clouds, but Oregonians are not afraid to go out in the rain—most don’t even own an umbrella.  We have a great food and beer culture.  Oh, and donuts.  We have many bridges, both beautiful and utilitarian, that span the Willamette and help to split the city into it’s four quadrants.  And more, so much more sets us apart from other areas of the country.

One of the things I see more in Portland neighborhoods than in other city neighborhoods is urban gardens—not flower gardens (though those are nice too), but food gardens.  And these are not backyard gardens that no one can see.  Front and center, people are getting rid of their lawns and creating space to grow food.  I love to see the various vegetables (and fruit) people choose to grow and how they use their space.  Plus, it makes for some nice social time when neighbors walk by while someone is out front gardening.  On my daily walks this year, I have noticed that with lumber prices so high, people are getting creative with building raised beds.  I started taking pictures to share and hopefully, inspire.

Large raised beds in front of gray house with orange door mounded earth garden bed surrounded by lawn garden bed lined with river stone corrugated metal planting beds in grass with tomatoes wood garden beds along side driveway Apple tree--espalier front yard garden boxes with potting table in background vegetables grow in orange watering troughs kale and chard grow out of a small wooden bench garden bench with fruit tree and raspberries large garden beds with blueberries in foreground metal watering throughs as garden beds Logs and branches line this garden bed garden bed dug from grass  Herbs in terra cotta pots brick lined gardens in curved lines