Client Testimonials

Samira and Andrew

"We have been so touched by everything you have done for us during this long journey, especially how you have gone above and beyond. The market definitely went weird during the process and you have been there to support us every step. You were encouraging and informative, you never left us wondering, and you made the process fun. You never let us feel negative but you kept us realistic. I know some of this is what any good broker would do but the warmth we felt from you and the calls to check in are extra and they are what made the process so much easier.

This is the most important purchase we have ever made and you reminded us to push for what we really wanted and needed. You made the process feel safe and fun, and gave us stability when our lives felt hectic or overwhelming. Basically, we both appreciate you and all you have done."


"Working with Bene was a dream. We immediately felt at ease with her, which made the whole process enjoyable. This is our first home, so we were definitely green. We learned a lot from Bene, and always felt that she had our backs. I can't recommend her highly enough."


"Bene was extremely helpful, informative, and compassionate. Her energy is very positive and fun. It took me more than 20 different homes to find the perfect one. Bene was there every step of the way. As a first-time homebuyer, things could be very overwhelming. But I felt so comfortable and confident because she was so supportive. When I was bidding on my dream house, I was very nervous. Bene gave me her very professional advice and a lot of courage that finally helped me win my dream house. I cannot imagine how I could get through it without Bene's support. It was such a nice experience. I would highly recommend anyone who's around me buy a property with Bene since she's such a perfect realtor!"


"We recently closed on our dream home—actually beyond our wildest dreams home. We could not have done it without Bene! She expertly helped us navigate a tricky financial situation (our contingent offer) and a hot sellers market.

More than a few times we attended open houses on our own and when realtors heard we were working with Bene they smiled and one said, “You are really fortunate to be working with Bene, having her advocate for you will make a big difference. We all love and trust her.”

That feedback absolutely panned out. In this impossible market Bene got TWO of our offers accepted and we landed a truly great house at an unexpectedly perfect price. Although we hope to never move again we will sing Bene’s praises to anyone searching for or selling a house in Portland.
I’m certain she’s the best."


"Bene is a talented and warm-hearted realtor and working with her to buy my first home was so easy! Bene truly goes above and beyond what is expected of a typical realtor. She is always available to chat, answer questions, and support you in any way you might need. She also has a friendly and warm presence and you can tell she really cares about people, her work, and our city. Even after closing, Bene is still in touch and checks in to make sure things are going well. She has a newsletter on home maintenance tips and reminders and so many resources to offer in the Portland area with regards to home service/repair/etc. needs. I can't recommend her enough!"