Bene's Blogneighborhoods April 22, 2020

Walks around Woodstock

My walks around my neighborhood have become longer and more frequent during the Covid-19 stay-at-home orders.  I always enjoy my walks here, but this spring is particularly sunny and warm.  Every time I walk I am reminded about why I love my neighborhood, but also why I chose to move to Portland when my family had grown out of our small town.

Portland feels like a small town—at least most of it—while having a lot of the advantages of a city.  Each neighborhood has its own sweet characteristic and its own characters.  Most neighborhoods have their own strip of commerce, some hip, some just utilitarian that allow its inhabitants to stay put and still have everything they need—which is especially great right now.  One of the things that I find most charming about Portland are the unmaintained roads hidden in various neighborhoods.  One of my favorites is so overgrown that it is really just a dirt foot path that has a tree growing smack in the middle of it.  Pictured here are two others that I love to see on my walks through the Woodstock neighborhood.