Uncategorized May 7, 2020

Door Paint

Paint.  I always get excited about choosing a paint color—and I always choose wrong.  The shade I pick out is perfectly lovely; it just doesn’t work in the room.  It is not that I don’t do some research.  I always read up first.  But the truth is, different designers have different opinions.  Some say that for a small room you should only paint white to reflect the light and make it look larger, others declare that bolder colors help create a perception of depth.  So, I choose a color.  What I don’t do is the sample size cans.  Maybe I am too cheap, maybe I am too impatient.  Regardless, I inevitably end up with a color that does not look good.

One of my favorite paint trends is to paint the door to a house a color that is in no way part of the overall scheme of the house.  I am always attracted to houses like this.  It makes it seem like the door is beckoning me, welcoming me.  Gray houses can look especially nice with a splash of color right in the center.   I would love to do this with my own house, but I am fearful of choosing the wrong color.  If I ever want to go through with it, I may have to hire a professional for that single can of paint.