Bene's Blogneighborhoods April 30, 2020

Missing Woodstock

Time is going by in a different way these days.  I am starting to miss little things intensely.  I miss hanging out in the sun on the New Seasons’ roof; I miss walking up to Woodstock and being among people.  I can recall the sinking feeling I got when Grand Central closed.

The first week or so of the Stay At Home order Grand Central remained open and I took comfort that some things were still normal.  When they closed it felt like the neighborhood died a little. (I had to start making my own sourdough.) And then slowly, without me realizing it, all the coffee in the neighborhood disappeared.  Even New Seasons has a sign that states that they are not serving coffee right now.  How long ago was all this—two weeks? Three? A month?!

All is not lost.  It looks like some previously closed shops are starting to reopen.  The Ace hardware seems to have started selling nursery supplies; Pappacino has a sign up saying that they will re-open on May 1st.  I think I even saw a line for Cloud City ice cream, though I could swear they had closed too.

Some die-hards never shut down at all.  Bai Mint Thai is open for take-out; the grocery stores continue to serve (thank you under-paid workers); and the weed stores are still getting the neighbors high.  My greatest delight is that the Portland Fish Market is still serving fish and chips.  My husband and I went for take-out the other evening and sat in the car eating with the windows and doors open.  It almost felt like dining on the street at a café.  And, the food is great.  One thing I cannot cook at home—deep fried anything!